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It’s 1925 in the wild mountains of West Virginia. Everett Thornhill is the heir to his family’s estate, but his troubled past is never far behind. He is sent to Thornhill Manor in the hopes that he will learn the value of continuing the family legacy.

Julia is a servant at Thornhill Manor. While she tends to her daily chores her mind is always off on an adventure in the mountains. She finds it hard to conform to the ways of the Thornhill family and might not be long for her position at the manor.


Frightening stories that are sure to give you nightmares. Featuring four chilling tales:

What happens when warnings are ignored? Sometimes lessons are learned the hard way. An old adage that is buried in myth and folklore, mind the mud, might prove to be more of a warning than one might have imagined.




When a strange creature starts earring all of his family’s food, Jackson becomes curious. Will he be able to make friends with the dangerous animal, or will he find himself in even greater trouble?

Find out in this heartwarming story about love, loss, and friendship.




Christoph and the others find that their journey so far has led them to Japan, a place of mystery and folklore. Dangerous yokai are only the beginning of their problems.

A vampire known as The Dark One is building an empire that will change the world forever. Amassing his followers and seeking vengeance on the innocent is only the beginning of his plans to secure his place at the very top of the food-chain.


When all signs point to Paris, that is exactly where one must go to break a blood curse. Rumors abound of a secret society that might just hold the key to breaking the blood curse that has plagued vampires for centuries.

When the magical beings of France decide that it is their time to rule the city, what will it take to stop them?

Can hope be found in the city of love?


New Orleans is torn as vampires battle those with magical abilities. Those who know of the war have chosen their side, creating a predicament for Christoph and Talia as they continue their quest to break the curse plaguing the vampires.
In a place where one wrong step could mean the difference of life or death, making true progress may end up being an act of war.
Will Christoph and his companions be able to uncover the information that will lead them closer to breaking the blood curse?


From the moment Talia stepped into my family’s funeral home, I knew that my undead life would never be the same.

I never would have imaged that a human could change my perception of the world around me.

What if I’m meant for something more than inheriting the family business?




Six haunting tales from award-winning and bestselling authors!

Aliens, monsters, zombies, and more, abound in this collection. A perfect read for those who love a good scare!





For those who love Red Riding Hood and wolves, you won’t want to miss this!

In this collection of six award-winning and bestselling authors you will find a mixture of fantasy, mystery, and science fiction tales sure to please anyone who loves fairytales with a bite!




Once Upon A SpellSix magical tales based on the fairy tales you thought you knew! Discover a mix of fantasy and science fiction stories in this cross-genre collection






41awpy6luhl-_uy250_Salem, Massachusetts was home to one of the most infamous periods in American History. False witches were burned at the stake while actual witches stood by and watched in revery. The flames scratched the skies with horrendous height as the heart of man darkened.

At least that’s how the story goes.



51reeuxdll-_sx311_bo1204203200_ Jonas dreams of a life outside of the coal town in West Virginia where he was born. He soon discovers that there is more mystery and adventure in his home state than he ever could have imagined. Living with the knowledge that dark creatures and folklore are alive and among the living changes his life forever. Venture to iconic West Virginia locations such as Bramwell and the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum as his adventure takes him to some very unexpected locations.


51a9wtrhiol-_sx311_bo1204203200_Miles Ransom is starting his Freshman year of college. Nothing is happening the way he imagined it would. He is surrounded by odd people including his roommate and even one of his professors. There is a loud pounding noise coming from his dorm room wall, and a girl named Bontrix has caught his attention. When Miles learns a secret about himself, his life changes forever. He is a Gear Guide and the fate of two worlds rests with him and the strange cast of characters that he meets.


51yd1bhl8dl-_uy250_NReluctant Words is an anthology of the unpublished works of James Agee Jr. There is something for everyone to enjoy in this book. Short stories, poems, and even full literary works make up the contents of this book.





51luhg0zxbl-_uy250_Can you imagine going through life with only memory from the day in which you are living? This is the story of someone who deals with just that. He goes by the name of Jim.






41bwxsg6rdl-_uy250_With James Agee, Jr.’s second work of fiction, Mask City, he presents a world where two siblings, Thomas and Lacy Farthur, are thrust out of their seemingly harmless world into a society they formerly didn’t know existed: an underground domain where the common adage, “A person is not a person without a mask,” is exploited in the most dreadful manner. Thomas and Lacy, through a series of dramatic and horrendous undertakings, eventually find themselves challenging the system that took everything away from them.


51yvps1fpol-_sx398_bo1204203200_Octoshi is the story of a boy whose family owns a Sushi Shop and his friend octopus. The boy wishes to save his friend before the octopus is turned into Sushi. Will he succeed? In this story of friendship and love, there is much to learn.